Our Mission is to be different than the normal every day shows. We strive daily to make each and EVERY show “state-of-the-art.”

We want our artists to see someone want your art, to watch them take it home because their art touched them, their heart or their mind, maybe both.

We want our patrons and public, to find art that you come back to over and over.  We want you to find a visual representation of what you feel, what you think.

Art can make you feel.  Art can make you think.  Art can do more than simply match the couch. We want our artists and our patrons and public, to connect with each other through art.


RockStar Art Gallery

Our home gallery is RockStar Art Gallery, is really a state-of-the-art venue and gallery. It’s located at 5700 NW Central Dr. off of Tidwell and Bingle.


VenaAshleyVena Ashley, a native Houstonian, graduated from Sam Houston State in 2006, with a BFA, double major, in Advertising Graphic Design and Photography. She worked as a graphic designer until October of 2013. She then decided to finally take the first step at being an artist and showed at her first Art Crawl at the Atelier Jacquinet November of 2013, she has been showing and producing art ever since.

After her first showing in 2013, she showed in several shows, one in particular, with the theme “007”. She really enjoyed that show, and had a new dream, to produce more shows like that in Houston. Her first show to produce was, “No Place Like that Yellow Brick Road.” It was epic, and so, State of the Art Shows was started! Her second big show was at MATCH Houston, “Every Summer Has a Story.”

After her Every Summer Has a Story show, Vena was asked to run and manage RockStar Gallery. Vena’s motto has been “Go big, or go home,” and that is exactly what she is doing at RockStar Gallery, her “state-of-the-ART-Shows” home gallery.


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