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If you are entering art and/or the parade, please make sure to get your ticket first, so that when you register your entries, you already have your order number!


Our Monthly art show will be a bit different in April… Houston is known for having the largest Art Car Parade in the world! The fun does not have to stop after the parade this year, because the week after the BIG parade downtown, ROCKSTAR Gallery is having a parade of it’s own… a toy art car parade!

This is a parade that you can participate in! If you want to make your own, make sure you get one that is 2.4 GHZ so they are compatible with the other RC ArtCars.

The Toy Art Cars will be on display during our 12×12 Art Show, where all the pieces are, you guessed it 12×12!There will be artists from all over Houston, and all the 12×12 art pieces will be $120 and UNDER!

The art show starts at 3, and the parade at 6:00pm! The tiny art cars will be on display in the gallery before the parade for you to view along with the 12 x 12 art!