Art can make you feel.  Art can make you think.  Art can do more than simply match the couch.  We want you, the artist, to see someone want your art, to watch them take it home because your art touched them, their heart or their mind, maybe both.  We want you, our patrons and public, to find art that you come back to over and over.  We want you to find a visual representation of what you feel, what you think.  We want you, the artist, and you, our patrons and public, to connect with each other through art.

State of the Art Shows, puts on just that, State of the ART Shows! RockStar Gallery is our home gallery, and we occasionally will have special shows at other venues. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with shows and call for arts.

Upcoming Shows

CW 39’s Eye Opener and Maggie Flecknoe came out to ROCKSTAR on St. Patricks day, bright and early! Maggie featured the gallery and our “Luck of the Irish” art show live on TV that morning! It was truly a great experience, and all of the artists in the gallery at that time, felt a connection with her! We all want to do a special art show just for her, so we asked her some questions, and she answered!


The opening show date will be June 23rd and Closing date will be during our Last Sundays show on June 25th!

Daniel Elliot will choose the Best of Show and Maggie will choose the Media’s Choice award!
Jerry’s Artarama will provide the prizes for best of show and Media’s Choice award!

The people’s choice award will be given out on Sunday, June 25, at the end of our Last Sunday’s show, and voted on by show attendees on both Friday night ans Sunday!

June 25th, 2017

1:00 – 5:00

Artist Roster


This indoor art festival is held once a month, every LAST SUNDAY!

Last Sundays: a State of the ART Show, includes visual art, music, and poetry! This FREE indoor art festival is held once a month, every LAST SUNDAY from 1pm – 5pm, you will feel like a ROCKSTAR!