Riders in the Storm Art Show

August 25th, 2018  |  6pm – 9pm


While sitting around the campfire the Riders in the Storm would speak of the four directions and how the four winds danced together to maintain balance and peace. They would pray in each direction of the four winds, knowing that change was good, and necessary… an essential part of life. They would also share stories of when the Winds of Change would blow, warning the people of dark, hard times on the way

The Winds of Change always brought chaos and loss.  In these stories, change was never good and a warrior was always the hero.  Sometimes it was Mother Earth at risk, sometimes the people, and the animals… other times, it was the very spirit and essence of harmony between all those relations. Some of the people would accept the chaos and loss as inevitable. Some would seek safety and retreat from the dark warnings the Winds of Change delivered.  Others would become a warrior, paint their horses and “ride into the storm” —ready to confront the dark forces threatening their loved ones, the land, the essential balance of life.

The Winds of Change would always come with a wise shaman, animal or spirit asking questions that demanded an answer from the people.  The stories would ask questions to those around the fire. “Will you accept the loss, will you run and hide, negotiate with chaos, or will you stand against the threatening changes — and join the Riders in the Storm?”.  The rebels and bravest among us, all filled with a warriors spirit, dreamt of confronting the chaos wreaking havoc in our world. They silently chose the option of joining the legendary Riders in the Storm. This show is dedicated to them.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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