State of the Art Shows home gallery is RockStar Gallery,
located at 5700 NW Central #160 Houston, TX 77092.

RockStar Gallery is a local artist run organization located in NW Houston. We are a gallery where creative collaborations start, multiple forms of art are expressed and minds of all ages are inspired. Sponsors care about our mission. RockStar Gallery provides networking between artists, organizations and businesses in support of the arts to foster community cohesion and arts appreciation.

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Each month, RockStar Gallery has several different shows to attend and participate in!

Last Sundays: a State of the ART Show. This FREE indoor art festival is held once a month, every LAST SUNDAY from 1pm – 5pm, you will feel like a ROCKSTAR!

Artists Networking Mixer and Contest: A gallery reception with a twist!
Be inspired and network with creative like minded professionals! Local artists are given the chance to enter a monthly contest, which is usually a themed event/contest. This isn’t your average art show, it is also a networking event!

Spontaneous Combustion at Rockstar Gallery: Bringing  two art forms together, art and poetry!
An Ekphrastic Poetry Experience. Poets, join us for this one of a kind contest, based on Allen Ginsberg’s famous phrase “First thought best thought” which described the Beat poets’ love for spontaneity and immediacy in the arts. You are invited to contemplate artwork by the featured artists at Rockstar gallery and to write a poem in response to one of the pieces. Yes, you will turn down your inner editor and tune in to what the art says to you in the moment. Poets will have one hour to pen an ekphrastic poem, which they will read to an audience of listeners, posting their poem beside the piece that inspired it. The audience will then vote on their favorite poem of the evening. Editing is overrated! It is time to just combust! RSVP on Facebook!

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